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Known Counterfeiters

Converter plugs require a mandatory approval by a NAMAS approved test house and must comply with BS1363-5 and comply with DTI Plug and Socket Safety Regulations which means they must be permanently fitted and only removable with a tool like a screwdriver.

The companies below are known to produce and/or supply counterfeit copies of PowerConnections converters. None of these companies are licensed by PowerConnections nor are they distributors of our products. Products produced by these companies are not approved to appropriate standards and in many cases are dangerous to consumers. In the last two years PowerConnections has taken successful action against more than a dozen UK and European companies for infringement of our Trade Mark. We have also assisted various Trading Standards authorities to take criminal proceedings against those using and selling counterfeit products. So if you buy from these people there is a high chance that you will be caught and prosecuted.

Guangzhou Outen
Wonplug Electrical Co Ltd
Dongguan Jingya Electric Co Ltd
Dongguan Longrich Electric Co Ltd
Yuyao City Qizhao Electrical Appliance Co Ltd
Shaoxing Star Import and Export Co Ltd
Shenzhen Futian Huapengxing Electric
Selectech (Shenzhen) Trade Company Ltd
Kateel General Trading (UAE)
Guangzhou Yuadon Electric Co Ltd
Guangzhou Teyeen Electronicsl Co Ltd
Leishen Electric Group Co Ltd
Selectech Electronics Co Ltd

We are able to supply all companies globally with our products, either direct or through our distributors noted on this site. If you have any queries about your supply channels, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will provide guidance as to whether the product is legitimate or counterfeit.


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